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A sport that is good for your child's health

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Parents should encourage children to engage in climbing game activities, so that children can accept different touches and stimulate the development of children's brain development and learning ability. Inflatable Castle Inflatable rock climbing is the most intimate dialogue between the human body and the natural rock. Children hold the rock by hand and foot, and strive to maintain balance and rhythm on the rock, which is the most interesting positive sensory contact experience.

Inflatable rock climbing, in addition to forging the chain, can enable children to enhance their self-confidence and strengthen self-confidence in the process of overcoming difficulties. This kind of continuous pursuit of self-challenge is more conducive to the positive development of personality than general activities. Children are born climbers, and they always like to climb around objects such as tables, chairs, door ladders, trees, walls, etc. as they learn to walk. Children's instincts must stimulate development through activities, games, and competitions to create sound abilities and personalities. If children are over-restricted for safety reasons, instead of letting children grow up, they lack the ability to adapt to the environment and the perseverance to overcome difficulties, or the dizziness often occurs because of fear. Therefore, children's climbing is a necessary physical and mental education process. In the face of children's natural desire to climb, adults should do more to strengthen safety protection, provide a safe climbing environment for children, and then let the children climb.

Six benefits of inflatable castle rock climbing for children:

 1. Can enhance self-confidence - the rock wall that is taller than the height of the team, still resolutely climbs up, not afraid of the difficulty of the team inflating the inflatable rock climbing process, the heart naturally is more confident than the average person;

2. Can enhance physical fitness ─ Inflatable inflatable castle inflatable rock climbing exercise is the balance of strength and beauty of hands and feet, and is enough to load their own weight, against gravity, the girl in inflatable rock climbing is not at all lost to boys;

3. Improve concentration – When you walk down a solid rock and pay attention to every detail of your body moving on the rock wall, you need to concentrate on it, which is very helpful for children's future learning achievements;

4. Can increase the enterprising spirit - when you are climbing, is to give up, or continue to persist? It is not entirely courage to describe, but also determination of willpower, honor and self-transcendence;

5. It can enhance the sense of balance--"Inflatable inflatable castle inflatable rock climbing" is called "Spider Man" walking on the rock wall. The basic posture of walking is "three points, no movement," which means balance. Feelings; only once, the children who are still developing the balance of body and mind, balance between hands and feet, need to strengthen the training of this physical fitness, healthy and happy growth.


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