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Use of inflatable tents

Release date:12/1/2018 7:50:29 AM Visits:111

     Inflatable tents are widely used in wedding banquets, merchandise exhibitions and exhibitions, leisure travel vacations, outdoor tourism, military exercises, medical outdoor emergency, fire rescue.

     Of course, the use of inflatable tents is certainly more than that. Inflatable tents have many uses in our lives, such as disaster relief tents for disaster relief and flood control, construction inflatable tents for field construction operations, and military inflatable tents for military camping. The medical inflatable tent used in the field hospital is used as an outdoor inflatable tent for temporary clubs and entertainment venues.

         Inflatable tents can be divided into frame-type tents. Our frame-type tents actually use different bracket shapes and different construction conditions. Construction and disassembly can be carried out under the support of the gas column metal frame. And it has the characteristics of convenient inflation and fast forming. Such a frame tent is the first choice for our wild athletes. Because it can be used for emergency avoidance outdoors, it is easy to use and flexible to disassemble. It will have more weight than a gas-filled tent, no matter when it is transported by people or when it is moving, it is not as convenient as a gas-filled tent.

So do you have a scientific understanding of the specific use of inflatable tents? Our inflatable tents are used in a wide range of applications and can be used in a variety of environments. In the field construction work, such as drilling wells, outdoor training in the military or school in the field, or as a temporary base when conducting personnel education. It can also be used in entertainment activities.

      Inflatable tents can temporarily create temporary PARTY in the wild, with sparkling moonlight at night, and fireflies flying around you. Under the reflection of the burning fire, do you have any fun in the dance figure! Even in the fire disaster relief, the hospital needs to build a rescue hospital in the wild, you can also use inflatable tents, and in areas where disaster relief can occur, such as Sichuan and Yunnan, where earthquakes occur frequently. It can be used in Guizhou and other regions. It is convenient for the relief work of the victims, and it can also provide adequate protection for the victims. When carrying out personal outdoor recreation and travel, you should also bring it in your travel bag. It is a good helper for outdoor picnics!


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